Should You Replace Carpet After Water Damage?

Any type of water damage, including damage to carpets, can lead to a number of issues, including mold growth, foul odors, and structural damage. Some of the most common causes of carpet water damage in Port St. Lucie include septic issues, overflowing plumbing, weather-related flooding, and leaks from appliances.   That’s why United Water Restoration […]

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The Difference Between Smoke and Fire Damage

If your property experiences a fire, you may be left with signs of smoke and fire damage. Each type of damage must be properly addressed to fully restore your home or commercial space. United Water Restoration Group of Port St. Lucie would like to discuss the difference between damage from smoke and fire so you […]

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Identifying a Fire Hazard

Fires can be a devastating disaster for any type of property, so it’s important to keep an eye out for potential fire hazards and handle them before an incident occurs. That’s why the smoke and fire damage remediation professionals at United Water Restoration Group of Port St. Lucie want to explain how to spot a […]

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