The Difference Between Smoke and Fire Damage

If your property experiences a fire, you may be left with signs of smoke and fire damage. Each type of damage must be properly addressed to fully restore your home or commercial space. United Water Restoration Group of Port St. Lucie would like to discuss the difference between damage from smoke and fire so you know how to fix it fast.


Common Signs of Smoke Damage

Smoke damage comes in the form of:

  • Yellowing on walls, ceilings, and other surfaces, possibly indicating protein residue
  • Discoloring on household items, like dinnerware, countertops, and more
  • Strong odors, like the smell of burned materials
  • Soot on walls, ceilings, windows, and other surfaces
  • Respiratory symptoms, such as coughing and congestion


Common Signs of Fire Damage

All of the signs of smoke damage are also signs of fire damage since fire results in smoke. Other signs of fire damage include:

  • Scorch marks
  • Ash or debris
  • Charred or melted items or surfaces
  • Significant holes, breaks, or burned areas that impact the structural integrity


It’s important to note that the amount of damage from smoke and fire in a Port St. Lucie, Florida property can depend on a few different factors: what caused the fire, where the fire burned, how long the fire burned, and how much property was impacted. For example, small fires may result in a bit of soot, odor, and yellowing, but a large fire may result in significant damage, intense odors, and thick soot.


How to Fix Smoke and Fire Damage

There are many steps you can take to restore your home or commercial building from smoke and fire damage, including:

  • Remove all damaged furniture, clothing, cabinetry, and other items.
  • Replace damaged appliances, cabinetry, and flooring.
  • Scrub all the walls, windows, and other surfaces with a dry-cleaning sponge and then soap and water.
  • Deodorize the entire space to remove foul smells.
  • Have an electrician check the integrity of the electrical system.
  • Call restoration professionals like United Water Restoration Group of Port St. Lucie.

Fixing a property after a fire can be a challenge, so let our certified technicians assess the damage from smoke and fire in your Port St. Lucie home or commercial building and restore your space to its original condition or better. Call our 24/7 phone line at (772) 247-0907 to get in touch with a technician as soon as possible.

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